LSD: Dream Emulator Research

Welcome! This is the hub where a small team of people from the LSD Revamped discord are collecting information from our research of cult-classic PS1 game 'LSD: Dream Emulator'.

Our goal for this project is to find out as much information as we can about the game through a mix of:

  • Static analysis, through disassembly.

  • Dynamic analysis, by using a debugger whilst playing.

  • Gathering evidence, in the form of screenshots and video recordings.

Once we have gathered a sizeable amount of confirmed information, we will be moving it over into the game's Wiki, it's no use keeping it all for ourselves!

Areas of research

  • Reverse engineering of the game code (static analysis)

  • Poking/watching bits of memory during game events and seeing what happens (dynamic analysis)

  • Recording which tiles link you where

  • Recording rare events

  • Recording where sound effects are used

  • Recording how music soundfonts change

  • Recording which objects appear in which map patterns

  • Cataloguing every animation of every object

  • Recording sky/fog colours

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